Praba Pilar -“The NO!!!BOT”

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Praba Pilar

Saturday, October 7 @ VIVO Media Arts Centre

Curated by Daina Warren

The NO!!!BOT is a performance project visiting the unnerving world of Exoskeletons to glitch the corrupted code of the Cult of the Techno-Logic. Across our globe, medical, corporate and military sectors are developing Exoskeletons at a very rapid rate. Some of these, such as the medical ones, help folks with immobilizing conditions regain mobility. Most often, Exoskeletons are being created for much more perverse aims. Corporations make them so they can double or triple the labor of the workers they cannot replace with robotics. But militaries? Theirs massively increase the strength of their soldiers, significantly reduce strain in covering long distances, improve precision in shooting, and technologically enhance the capacity for human bodies to more efficaciously kill other human bodies. Silicon Valley technology companies are only too happy to collaborate on fashioning this stale science fiction reality for our shared present.

Praba Pilar will premiere her own exoskeleton in this performance. Not an acquiescent programmed Robot or a despicable malicious Bot, the NO!!!BOT is an Exoskeleton created out of the impossible desire of a body resisting the supersonic technological rail driving us deeper into militarized neo-colonial relations. This performance is part of a series of experiments hurtling into our own collective imaginaries, hacking these destructive code makers, and generating our own deviant electric dreams.

Praba Pilar creates interventionist projects through performance art, street theatre, electronic installations, digital works, video, writing and activism. Her projects – such as BOT I, the Church of Nano Bio Info Cogno, the Cyborg Soap Opera, the Nano Sutra of Mathturbation, and Enigma Symbiotica – have traveled widely in all kinds of spaces around the world, from the streets to galleries and museums.

Credit:’Praba Pilar, performance still, BOT I, San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico. Photograph by Cisco.’

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