Lunch Talks Day 1-All Welcome

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Presenters: Stein Henningsen, Louise Lillefeldt & Tanya Doody and Jackson 2 Bears

LIVE Lunch Talks offers a casual forum for participating artists to publicly discuss their work and intention with LIVE Board,  respondents. Everyone is welcome to join us! Good & reasonable pub food menu is available at the Pats pub.

Location: Put’s Pub

Wednesday, Oct 4


*Presenting artists are subject to change.

Moderator/ Respondent: Doug Jarvis

Doug Jarvis is an artist, curator, administrator, and educator living in Victoria, BC. He is a founding member of the avatar performance art group Second Front ( and the Noxious Sector Art Collective ( He is also a member of Open Actions, a monthly action-based performance art group in Victoria. His individual and collective work explores absurdity, the paranormal, non-material entities and technology as human attributes. Projects have been presented at artist-run centres, galleries, museums and festivals across Canada, the United States, Europe and Asia. He is the Canadian Coordinator for the Digital Art Weeks International Festival, based out of Zurich, Switzerland, and has coordinated projects in Xi’an, China, Victoria, BC, Singapore and Seoul, Korea. In 2010-11 he was the Artist-in-residence Fellow at the Centre for Studies in Religion and Society, University of Victoria. Jarvis is an active member of the Victoria arts community and sits on a variety of municipal committees, non-profit, and artist-run centre boards. He holds an MFA in studio art from the University of Guelph, ON, and is a Guest Curator at Open Space Arts Society. Jarvis is Secretary of LIVE Board of Directors.

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