Vancouver’s International Performance Art Celebration


Tari Ito

Before the 37 Trillion Pieces Get to Sleep

You have a motor neuron disease leading to muscle atrophy. Today, you despond of what you become unable to do any more, which you were able to do a month ago. Yet, you must manage to deal with it with what you are kinetically capable today; otherwise, your life doesn’t get along.

Unlimited contours are drawn along the edge of a changing body. These lines might be paths of “memories.” Memories cuddle the body and stick on it. I drown in the strings of “memories” and lie down.

I had been to Fukushima nine times.I ached to move the things that I had seen there toward to the “present” again. The Fukushima we visited last March was even more bizarre and absurd than I had been to. I found it again that we ourselves are, and I myself am, the one who produces that Fukushima, and that we are, and I am, a mirror image of its reflection.

Rulers cast a spell on people to keep their minds off, creating “wishfully oblivious memories” while continually further endangering human rights. Nevertheless, we break the spell, aiming for liberation, in which we reclaim the “memories” that we draw.

This project was made possible by the Circle of Support: Maryon Adelaar, Beth and Bob Carter, Stephanie Holmquist and Mark Allison

and the assistants from Japan, Yayoi Mashimo and Kayo Shirakawa

Curator: Makiko Hara

WESTERN FRONT /EDAM Wed Oct 02  7:00