Vancouver’s International Performance Art Celebration


Raven Davis

My practice has no boundaries; I renounce institutional limitations of eurocentric pedagogy and accreditation and honour Indigenous theory, methodology and practice. I am a nomadic creator and maker of art, examining topics through installation, visual, sculpture and performance. I embody fluid, transformative and pivotal intersections of my identity which are reflected in a flock of interdisciplinary works. I aim to create art that speaks to, and challenges viewers to be self reflective in their own journey, in their own ways of understanding histories, untold and undocumented notions of colonial conditioning. My Body. Its Survival. Its Future.

Working in performance and media, Raven Davis will address the loss of cultural knowledge and understanding around gender identity and disability. Using their body as a dancer, and movement artist, Davis will respond to their lived experience as a 2 Spirit person within the context of traditional dance, sound and material by creating a future of acceptance and freedom for Indigenous youth who struggle to find a way to align and be held and seen within traditional and ceremonial spaces.


VIVO  Fri Oct 04  8:00