Vancouver’s International Performance Art Celebration


Mineki Murata

Mineki Murata is an artist based in Maebashi, Gunma, Japan.

Murata’ s works mainly consist of his drawing performances, which give strong impact to the audience by executing primitive physical actions, as well as installations and objects as result of those performances.

Murata’ s drawings and performances are guided by his spontaneous, primitive actions and the etymological interpretation of the Japanese word kaku, which brings together of four different meanings: writing (kaku:     ) his consciousness, drawing (kaku:     ) results, scratching (kaku:     ) actions, and lacking (kaku:     ) hidden potentials. Murata creates his works with his eyes closed, but it does not mean he draws blind-sighted. Instead, Murata fully concentrates his physical sensation to withdraw a picture inside his eyelids, and a vision inside him.

Ground Floor Art Centre Oct 3–5 12:00-6:00