Vancouver’s International Performance Art Celebration


Jon Sasaki


On July 28, standing in the Fraser River delta, Waist-deep in water and equipped with rudimentary materials, basic hand tools, and negligible skills, Sasaki attempted to build a functioning boat that would allow him to extricate himself and paddle to shore. As boatbuilding in the water presents far more challenges than boatbuilding on dry land, the performance ultimately ended in failure.

Channeling an absurd romantic hero who finds himself nearly engulfed by nature, the artist relies on his ability to problem-solve as complications arise, and improvise solutions in the moment. Attempted in Steveston, this new iteration of a past work takes on added dimensions as Sasaki considers his Japanese-Canadian family’s history of boating and fishing in the region before their internment. The performance will bring into focus all the maritime knowledge that didn’t get passed down to the artist.

Documentation and ephemera from the performance will be presented at Richmond Art Gallery, opening September 28.

Richmond Art  Galley Sat  Sept 28 6:00
VIVO Thurs Oct 3 7:00 Screening