Vancouver’s International Performance Art Celebration




“Questions without answers must be asked very slowly.” -Anne Michaels

The most ambitious ambition of my work is to create moments of livability. I understand the world-at-hand (“world” being a description of all matters affecting each other) as one that attempts to eradicate most ways of being that I care about. Survival right now is linked to things like producing, owning, individualism/scarcity thinking, and competition. I do not want to survive through these modes. But dreaming otherwise is challenging since everything I’ve been taught runs so bone deep. I seek liberation – an interdependent and as yet un-imagined state – through refusing to adhere to certain logics of power. Performance is a container for those attempts.

I don’t think we can be “free” but I think we can be “free-er.”

Since 2010 Disman has been making, thinking, and writing about performance art. Her solo works have been presented across so-called Canada, the U.S.A., Europe, and India.


VIVO  Thurs Oct 03  8:00