Vancouver’s International Performance Art Celebration


Preach R Sun

Preach R Sun is a U.S. based conjurer and ‘fugitivist’ — “implementing social issues and political activism as performance matters”. Sun, working at the interface of art and activism, essentially describes himself as an activist that incorporates performance art. Consolidating protest/resistance tactics with performance art strategies, Sun interrogates the nature and limits of freedom and humanity. Sun most often works on the street with guerilla actions, but also in festivals and galleries. He also uses performance and video as tools for social change – to further his mission of liberation. His work reflects his background of growing up as the son of a minister, and his training in dance, theater and the fine arts. In his own words, “Freedom is my creative praxis. As such my work serves as an investigative inquiry into the nature and limits of human freedom. Thus, the work should (both) provoke questions regarding our perceptions of freedom, while also demonstrating the strength and agency of individual action – pushing limits, challenging boundaries, and negating ALL ‘BLOCKS.’ I believe such action is not only inspirational, but instrumentally essential in galvanizing society towards the effort of TRUE liberation that brings into being universal freedom and humanity.

Site-specific Oct 3  14:30 PM

Preach R Sun‘s performance starts at 14:30 PM at Patricia Hotel (403 East Hastings ) Lobby. We start at there to walk down with the artist. Rain or Shine. Come to Join us