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Saturday, September 21, 8pm
VIVO Media Arts, 1965 Main St., Vancouver BC

Since 2006, German artist Verena Stenke and Venetian artist, writer, and curator Andrea Pagnes have been working together under the name of VestAndPage. Working with performance art, film, visual art, writing, and as independent curators, their have presented across Europe, Asia and the Americas. Playing with themes of precariousness, transformation, liminality, and authenticity, their practice examines the fragility of the individual in private, social and environmental spheres. They explore the capacity of human beings and give birth to places that don’t yet exist. Their performances are process-based, psychogeographic responses to architectures, environments, and historical sites.

VestAndPage often collaborate with international theatre companies and humanitarian organizations in their productions and pedagogy. They also teach workshops that focus on memory―awakening a person’s inner library for creative use. Their investigations have been published widely, including in Andrea Pagnes’ book The Fall of Faust: Considerations on Contemporary Art and Art Action (2010). Recently, they have curated events such as the Venice International Performance Art Week and the ongoing global art initiative FRAGILE global performance chain journey. From 2010–2012, they also produced the film trilogy sin∞fin The Movie in Antarctica, India, Kashmir, Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego.

Video of VestAndPage’s LIVE 2013 performance
Photos of VestAndPage’s LIVE 2013 performance