Friday, September 20, 2013, 8PM
VIVO Media Arts, 1965 Main St., Vancouver BC


Lauren Marsden’s practice spans a wide range of interests: character performances, experiments in time travel, interventions into press photography, a fascination with cinematic conventions. Her performances place unreliable narrators in landscapes or on the stage, resulting in the production of text, video, photography, and ephemera as documentation. Using humour and absurdity, Marsden is known for staging performative scenarios that subvert the normalcy of public rituals. Recent performance projects have taken the form of a keynote speech, a flag-raising, a slide show, an auction and a courtroom verdict. She has worked in collaboration with a variety of professionals including a horror filmmaker, a court illustrator, an auctioneer, several voice over actors, and a Pepsi vending machine attendant.

Marsden is editor-in-chief at Vancouver’s Decoy Magazine, an online platform for critical arts writing and event listings. She received her MFA in 2010 from the California College of the Arts and has recently exhibited her work in Canada, Italy and the United States. She currently teaches at the School for the Contemporary Arts at Simon Fraser University.