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Joshua Ongcol – The Energy Never Dies (The E.N.D.)

Russian Hall (Strathcona) 600 Campbell Avenue, Vancouver

The Energy Never Dies (E.N.D.) represents an interdisciplinary collaboration of dance and music, aimed at exploring the concept of “cypher” within dance communities. This term refers to the openness and generosity that exists within the circular dance formation that energizes the communal flow state. This conduction of energy is characterized by the exchange of creativity […]

Michelle Sylliboy[br]“Little children our beings they found you” –[br]mijua’ji’jk ntininaq weji’skesnik

Russian Hall (Strathcona) 600 Campbell Avenue, Vancouver

The L’nuk hieroglyphic written language of komqwejwi’kasikl comes from our shared connection to the land, to mother earth. This country also shares a dark legacy where children and our shared histories were buried. Communities at large are acknowledging it together as something we can no longer ignore. Emerging from a workshop during the Antigonite Art […]

Elizabeth Milton – Queen Tilly and the Marys

VIVO Media Arts Centre 2625 Kaslo St, Vancouver

Doors at 7:00 pm – Performance at 7:30 pm Queen Tilly and the Marys is a raucous response to musical theatre that explores comedic absurdity, camp materiality and the radical potential of intergenerational play. Developed during the height of the pandemic, the work is a tragic-comic ode to a group of women elders raised within the […]