Joshua Ongcol – The Energy Never Dies (The E.N.D.)

The Energy Never Dies (E.N.D.) represents an interdisciplinary collaboration of dance and music, aimed at exploring the concept of “cypher” within dance communities. This term refers to the openness and generosity that exists within the circular dance formation that energizes the communal flow state. This conduction of energy is characterized by the exchange of creativity and movement between individuals both inside andoutside the circle. The Energy Never Dies meditates on patterns, cycles and rhythms formed between dancers, community and onlookers to further investigate energy and movement as a state of being that tethers and connects us to one another both socially and culturally.

Musicians: Miguel Maravilla, Jen Yakamovich and Marty Ndlovu

Dancers: Joshua Ongcol, Momoko Shimada, Jason Owin Galeos and Riko Hirota

About the Artist

Joshua Ongcol – as an artist, I am interested in the ways tenderness manifests in my body, and its receptivity to  deep connection, wisdom, and transformation. I am interested in ways we could communicate  regardless of the medium of art/language. With this, I hope to unravel the narrative of being a  part of the Filipnx diaspora; specifically of intergenerational exchange, lineage of resilience,  concept of “home” and “KAPWA”, queerness and reclaiming spirituality.

This project was made possible through generous support from the Dance West Network, the City of Vancouver Cultural Programs, Communities and Artists Shifting Culture and Co.ERASGA Dance.