Vancouver’s International Performance Art Celebration

Do Not Disturb Workshop Do Not Disturb Workshop

Application Deadline is Sunday September 22, 2019


For LIVE! 2019 (September 28 – October 6), Christine Bouvier and Rochdy Laribi,Christine Bouvier and Rochdy Laribi, from the acclaimed French performance art group RedPlexus Ornic’art, and directors of the Marseille festival Préavis de Désordre Urbain, are invited as artists-in-residence to conduct an intensive four-day performance mentorship, workshop and spectacle.

DO NOT DISTURB offers a unique opportunity for emergent artists and students to participate in a new, novel and engaging non-hierarchical performance art master–class focussed on physical training and research, voice presence, identity, emotion, and engagement; towards the realization of a new performance module. The opportunity spans 3 full days of workshop and preparation, and climaxes in a collective LIVE! event presented to the public in a group of hotel rooms.

“If ‘Luck smiles on the daring’ as the poet Virgil suggested, then why not emerge yourself to experience a unique immersive collective artistic experience. Dreaming of love in a hotel room, a place of fantasies, rapture, loneliness, rebirth, meditation, transit, hiding, haven, cocoon… Anonymous, it carries the memory of all those whoever slept there.” RedPlexus

Workshops will be conducted daily September 28-30 11:00AM – 6:00PM, at BC Artscape Sun Wah. The collaborative grande–finale spectacle is October 1, throughout Vancouver’s landmark Patricia Hotel. Workshops are offered free to all attending. All participants are required to attend the entire DO NOT DISTURB experience.

Enrollment is limited to 10 participants. If you are interested, send us your details to Include your name, e-mail, phone – and a short statement about why you want to participate in DO NOT DISTURB. Proposal deadline is Sunday September 22.