Vancouver’s International Performance Art Celebration

Artist Lunchtime  Talks Artist Lunchtime  Talks

October 3-5 1-3PM daily lunch Time Talk by Participating artists, moderated by LIVE Board of Directors. Venue : Pats Pub Everyone Welcome Detail Info coming soon.

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Artist Lunchtime  Talks

Do Not Disturb Workshop Do Not Disturb Workshop

DO NOT DISTURB For LIVE! 2019 (September 28 – October 6), Christine Bouvier and Rochdy Laribi, from the acclaimed French performance art group RedPlexus Ornic’art, and directors of the Marseille festival Préavis de Désordre Urbain, are invited as artists-in-residence...

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Tari Ito Japan Before the 37 Trillion Pieces Get to Sleep You have a motor neuron disease leading to muscle atrophy. Today, you despond of what you become unable to do any more, which you were able to do...

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