Rodolphe-Yves Lapointe

Sunday, September 18th, 2011
VIVO Media Arts Centre, 7:30 PM


Rodolphe-Yves Lapointe has worked successively as a journalist, actor, screenwriter, international aid worker, translator, communication consultant, university searcher and curator. Based in Eastern Quebec since 2002, he has explored various aspects of “art actuel”, such as install-action, sound poetry, geo-poetical action and performance.

The intensive use of the spoken word, nonverbal languages and the ingenuous manipulation of props is what typically characterizes Lapointe’s Performance Art work, “textActions” in his own words. Highly physical, his latest series (2010-2011) addresses personal risk-taking and responsibility of the audience.

His works have been presented in different artist-run centers, events or festivals, in Quebec, Canada, United States, Mexico, Germany and Poland.