Robin Brass

Monday, September 19th, 2011, 6:00PM
Meet at Trench Gallery. 6:30PM – Performance in Crab Park.
Presented with the generous support of Neutral Ground, Regina.

For the 2011 LIVE Festival, I propose to work with/at a social agency (yet to be determined) – one which preferably serves a high Indigenous population – or perhaps, just within the vicinity of such an agency, on a rather poetic, engaging, relational action/performance piece. I prefer to keep my performance details quite loose at this time as I prefer to be responsive to the actual site.


Robin Brass is an interdisciplinary artist originally from Regina and Peepeekisis First Nation, Saskatchewan. She completed her B.A. in Indigenous Fine Arts, First Nations University of Canada. Robin is co-founder of Sakewewak Artists’ Collective, Circle Vision Arts Corp., Red Tattoo Theatre Ensemble, and the Sakewewak Storytellers Festival. In 2006, she was awarded the Lynch-Staunton Award for performance art. Robin has taught for the First Nations University of Canada, Indigenous Fine Arts Dept., teaching on several Saskatchewan reserves. She has most recently been creating new works based in the Nahkawe language, further pursuing her true love of Indigenous orality.