Moe Satt

Friday, September 23rd, 2011
VIVO Media Arts Centre, 7:30 PM


Moe Satt is a Visual Performance Artist as well as the founder & organizer of Beyond Pressure international festival of performance art in Yangon, Myanmar where he lives and works. He is quickly becoming an international art personae, as an artist and a curator and organizer in Burma, representative of the new performance art surge throughout South East Asia. His organization, Beyond Pressure is the hub of performance activity in Burma and produces the first ‘official’ contemporary art festival in the history of Burma. To engineer this is a complex and delicate negotiation with the current regime. The Beyond Pressure collective has achieved this milestone through support and recognition of the Prince Claus foundation in Amsterdam and through networking with international artists and groups to support their cause.

Still in his early 20’s, Moe Satt is already in demand on the international circuit of galleries, festivals and symposia in Asia and Europe. In Burma and South East Asia, he is vital to the new politicized performance art community that has developed over the last decade. This will be his first trip to Canada.