The Cruz Brothers

5 Minute Festival
Pigeon Park
Wednesday September 21st, 2011, 8:30pm


In dire times of the performative and the institutional, The Cruz brothers perform as curators. With a six year lineage of performance art conflated with performing arts and a seven year concentrated focus on critical assertion partnered with indulgent and excessive varied forms of inebriation, they produce this performance piece. Its idea attempts to frame, question and address the differences, similarities and overlaps of performance art in relation to other practices whose nature is also of the performative.

The Cruz brothers are going to produce a festival inside a festival. The objective is not to critique the pre-determined structure but rather appropriate its governing methodologies. It is a play, a study, an exercise and a composition that conforms and supports notions of the spectacular, the immaculate, the immediate and the delusional. Like a quick and a relaxed smoke break, like a constructed happenstance, like a passing thought, like a gush of heebeegeebees, this piece intervenes within the confines and context of five minutes.

The Cruz Brothers are Francis Cruz and Patrick Cruz; both live and work in Vancouver, Canada. Their collaborations have consistently dealt with identity, displacement, hierarchy and the mediations concerning the spectacle. Their work has been exhibited at VIVO media arts centre, Brow Gallery and 221a Artist Run Centre.