Photo: Jules Lister

Samra Mayanja – Bone Deep Deliverance (SCREAM II) Accessible Performance

Photo: Jules Lister

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Doors at 5:30 pm – Performance at 6:00 pm

Bone Deep Deliverance (SCREAM II) is the continuation of an earlier sound work by the artist, entitled SCREAM*, that was vocalised by a black experimental choir that Mayanja assembled in 2020. 

Bone Deep Deliverance (SCREAM II), performatively and sonically explores engulfment, as in;

telling a joke 

about a secret sky

that can’t be told otherwise.  

Working within the sonic architecture of Mayanja’s vocal improvisations are two vocalists: Oluwasola Olowo-Ake and Oluwasayo Olowo-Ake, cellist: Peggy Lee and alto saxophonist: Andromeda Monk.

*Please see SCREAM I, the foundational text and music, written and composed by Samra Mayanja. The piece was developed in Leeds and exhibited at MAMA, Rotterdam. Developed with vocallists; Banana and Orange, and pianist, Rev Chunky.

text and the sound piece.

Sound Design: Liza Violet & Samra Mayanja

Costume: Margaret Zawede

Dramaturgy: Malik Nashad Sharpe

Collaborators: Herfa Martina Thompson, Munesu Mukombe, Dee Byrne and Meera Priyanka

This project was made possible through generous support from the Western Front

About the Artist

Samra Mayanja is an artist and writer whose work across various mediums is unified by an obsession with how life speaks poetry. Her work is always seeking form, to move beyond strictures, to be lost and free.

The voice, in her work, functions as the search party for the body that she once forgot somewhere over there. Her desire to improvise; to create unfiltered, lucid and meandering utterances, underpins her writing, pedagogy, performance, installation and film works.