Le Brothers


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Stories in a Story

When we meet in any place in the world, the amplitude of the space where we live is no longer important, rather the moment where we actually meet is the important space.

This story is our dream story, prolonged by the movement of individuals, the sharing between artists as well as the public.

At one moment, in any place  in the world, if people feel peaceful and happy, stories will appear as a sympathetic link, able to transmit these feelings to others.


Le Brothers: (Le Ngoc Thanh and Le Duc Hai) are identical twin brothers live and work in Hue, Vietnam, a place that serves as inspiration for much of their work. They have performed and exhibited their work locally and internationally including Singapore Biennale 2013 and most recently “Secret Archipelago”- Singapour En France Le Festival at Palais de Tokyo, Paris. Their unique approach to history, identity and the interpretation of the past in the present produces works that accelerate our understanding of unforgettable events which are presented as refined and dignified accounts that invite the viewer’s reflection, realization and a deeper respect for culture and custom. Their practice explores an aesthetic in examine, dissect and question the post-war consciousness of North and South Vietnam.