Jef Carnay


remember_smlThe performance is about the things that we opt to conceal, the things we don’t discuss, the things we choose to not act upon: FEELINGS.

We hide because we do not want them to see the flaws, we don’t talk because we don’t want to be misunderstood, we don’t move so that we won’t get involved. We are alone and there are many of us.

We create phantoms, we create pain. We create ghosts that continuously hurt us.
The performance is an attempt to extend, reach and connect to the hidden, to the quiet, to the numb. It is an appeal to emotions.

May this performance kill GHOSTS.  May this performance create shared experiences. Space.


Jef Carnay: Filipino Visual / Performance artist: exhibited his works in local and international art galleries, museums and alternative spaces: performed both local and international art events since 1999: curates live art performances/happenings: board of trustees / assistant treasurer of FILVADRO Filipino Visual Arts and Design Rights Organization a collective management organization for visual arts and design: an active member of the core committee of TutoK [artists initiative]: convener of the art event “Bulong” a night of poetry, songs and other performances: lead vocalist of the band “earthfishfish”.