Fausto Grossi


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Cuestiondepasta_webFausto Grossi was born in Arce (Lazio) Italy in 1954. He is licensed as a sculptor in the A.A.B.B. of Frosinione, Italy and the U.P.V. of Lejona in the Basque Country, Spain. Since 1992 he lives and develops his artistic activity in Bilbao. He is a multidisciplinary artist, cook, performer, writer and Graphic Designer. He is also a cultural manager organizing various cultural activities, symposia and roundtables, for example, for the Biennial of Experimental Poetry in Euskadi. He is also a mail artist, with work in several international anthologies of visual poetry. Grossi has participated in several cultural events in France, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Poland, Argentina, Brasil, U.S.A., Serbia and China.