Stacey Ho

Algerian White
Shudder Gallery, 9pm, 2011

A collection of passages around Algeria are written and erased from a wall. Complementing the excerpts and their erasure, gestures and their inversions are performed. These actions reflect the process of recording and losing history. What remains after this nullifying process is as ineffable and impractical as research, remembrance, and other such practices that attempt to find and preserve knowledge.


Stacey Ho dabbles in art-making, art-curating, art-writing, and art-participating, focusing on sound, photography, performance, and printed matter. The research and documentation of written and oral narratives is an integral part of her work. Holding a BFA from NSCAD University, she has recently performed in events through Montreal’s Nuit Blanche and the FADO Performance Art Centre, as well as exhibited with the eyelevel gallery and the MacLaren Art Centre.