Wednesday September 21st, 2011, 6:30pm-8:30pm

Come down and share the highs and lows as DRIL scratches away their collective artist fee, one dollar at a time. In the lead up to The Drag, DRIL will prospect for kiosks and corner stores, exchanging their artist fees for the always popular scratch & win game: GOLD RUSH.

During The Drag, DRIL will present the performance GOLD RUSH, where they will scratch ticket after ticket as a dubious act of blind faith in an attempt to beat the odds. In a dark room, this game of chance will be displayed on a large screen, through an overhead projector allowing the audience to witness the live play by play action and outcome of each scratch and win.


DRIL is a Vancouver based art collective comprised of Dylan McHugh, Rachel White, Ian Prentice and Leisha O’Donohue. All members of the group received their BFA at NSCAD University in 2006-07. DRIL began officially working together as a collective in 2009. DRIL’s Exhibitions include Drifter’s Clip at Open Space, Move It On Over at Shudder Gallery, “The Good Old Days[…] When Times Were Bad” a large scale installation at Centre A as a part of the World Tea Party for the Cultural Olympiad and City Hall, a site specific public art project hosted by the Drawn festival.