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Archive Oakland, USA

Yves Klein Speaks!

Anne Walsh & Chris Kubick

FUSE at the Vancouver Art Gallery, 750 Hornby St.
Presented by Artspeak in conjunction with LIVE and FUSE.


8 PM

Location: Vancouver Art Gallery

Archive presents lectures on well-known and deceased artists, gathering presentation information via psychic mediums. It is common practice for historians and viewers to attempt to understand a work of art by referencing the spiritual or emotional conditions under which it may have been produced. Conversely, one might seek to understand the spirit or soul of an artist by approaching their work. In either case, once the soul or artwork has been examined, a story is told by the seeker - an account called history, biography, or meaning.

Archive interrogates the notions that a work of art is imbued with a spiritual residue, and that history and biography are story-telling narratives, offering alternative or “parallel” portraits of artists. Archive “interviews” artists’ spirits by bringing professional spirit mediums in contact with their work, and employing the mediums as translators or channels. For their Vancouver performance, Archive will lecture on the work of Yves Klein, revealing the act of reenactment, translation, and the craft of the interpreter.

Archive is a collaboration between artists Anne Walsh and Chris Kubick. Their work has been heard on public radio in the US, Canada, and England, and they have lectured at LAís Museum of Contemporary Art, the Getty Museum, and the Institute for Surrealism Studies in Essex. Walsh is an editor of X-Tra, the art and culture journal. Kubick is the founder and director of Language Removal Services.